Introducing the no-compromise browser

Whist is the first native browser with cloud tabs, designed to be crazy fast and light


Cloud Tabs

The first cloud-hybrid browser

Traditional browsers compromise performance when you open more tabs. Whist doesn't.

Near-Zero Memory

A single tab can easily consume over a GB of memory. Cloud tabs use almost none.

Speedy Web Apps

Load massive spreadsheets, dashboards, and productivity apps instantly.

Quiet Laptop Fans

By offloading processing to the cloud, Whist keeps your laptop running cool.

GPU Acceleration

Whist cloud tabs are powered by NVIDIA cloud GPUs to run the most demanding web apps.

Longer Battery Life

Whist extends your laptop's battery life by up to 2 hours.

Native Performance

Via our proprietary, low-latency streaming technology.

Whist makes web apps fast

By streaming individual, heavy tabs from the cloud

Marketing Teams - Darkbit X Webflow Template

Engineering Teams

Run hundreds of tabs or concurrent desktop applications on your laptop with ease

Design Teams - Darkbit X Webflow Template

Design Teams

Instantly load 2D/3D assets in Figma and other design tools with cloud graphics acceleration

Engineering Teams - Darkbit X Webflow Template

Marketing Teams

Run dozens of concurrent heavy dashboards and sales tools without slowing down

Choose from four modes to supercharge your browser


All tabs are cloud tabs. Uses near-zero memory and processing power.


Certain tabs, decided by you, are cloud tabs. Designed to give specific web apps a boost.


When your computer is running low on memory, Whist will switch to cloud tabs.


No cloud tabs. Whist is a fully native browser.

Whist delivers unrivaled performance

Whist cloud tabs offload compute to the cloud without compromising on native performance or basic features

Not a memory hog
Loads pages instantly
Accelerated by cloud GPUs
Is a fully native browser
Performs natively in weak Internet
Keeps private tabs local
Camera/mic support

Built on top of Brave Browser

Whist is a fork of Brave, a browser which is nearly identical to Chrome in appearance and enhanced with better privacy and security

Shield Ad Blocker

Whist leverages Shield, Brave's built-in ad blocker that prevents websites from tracking you and blocks ads.

Crypto Wallet

Whist comes with Brave's crypto wallet, so your crypto assets stay with you when you switch to Whist.

Tor Windows

Whist allows you to open incognito windows with Tor for the ultimate private browsing experience.

Open Source

Over time, we plan on open-sourcing Whist's key components. We believe this is the best way to build user trust and encourage innovation.

Chrome UI

We've kept most of Chrome's UI with a few stylistic touches, so Whist looks nearly identical to your current browser.

Extension Support

Whist supports all Chrome extensions and imports your settings so you can pick up where you left off