Securely enable remote work anywhere

Whist is a Chrome browser that fully isolates, controls, and monitors how your employees access company resources on any device— without the hassle of remote desktop

Whist admin dashboard

A new kind of web browser

Whist is like remote desktop but for web applications. With native performance, lightweight deployment, and unprecedented visibility.

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Truly Native UX

Existing remote browsing solutions feel like a "computer within a computer." Whist browser isolation is truly invisible to the user.

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No More Latency

Whist proprietary, next-gen streaming technology sends draw commands, which drastically reduce latency and bandwidth versus legacy pixel streaming.

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Full Functionality

Everything you expect from a browser — keyboard shortcuts, native URL navigation, etc. — just works.

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Full Compatibility

A modified version of Chrome browser, Whist does not break sites and supports all extensions that Chrome supports.

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Painless Migration

Whist can import all Chrome extensions, settings, and passwords from most existing browsers.

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Built-in Privacy

Whist leverages Shields, a built-in ad blocker that also blocks website tracking cookies.

Unlock BYOD for your workforce

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Fully isolate company data

By executing all webpages remotely, Whist transforms your endpoints into thin clients and makes it impossible for malware to see any browser activity

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Guard against human mistakes

Whist gives administrators the ability to block screenshare, copy/paste, and personal accounts

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Next-generation VPN

Instead of HTTP payloads, Whist receives encrypted draw commands that are indecipherable to malicious actors on the network

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Full monitoring and visibility

Gain a wholistic, granular view into your user's device posture, network activity, and installed applications

Example of applications secured by WhistExample of settings for controlling a Whist webApp
Mockup of isolated sitesMockup of threats detected

Gain bulletproof protection against attackers

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No-brainer ransomware protection

All downloads are blocked and redirected to a stateless, remote container away from the user's device

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Automatic URL isolation

Any untrusted URL or redirect is intercepted and rendered remotely, preventing malicious code from escaping the browser sandbox

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Credential harvesting prevention

Non-whitelisted sites are flagged to the user and entering sensitive information is blocked

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Anonymity protection

Visits to isolated URLs originate from remote servers, so websites cannot track your users by IP or device

Unprecedented visibility and controls

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Unprecedented visibility

Verify the user's device posture and log all network activity

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Painless web filtering

Easily block websites or personal accounts without TLS decryption or DNS filtering

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Powerful user controls

Whist integrates with your existing user directory to apply policies to any user group

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Kill any session

Terminate access to any application without bricking the user's entire computer

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A modern approach to legacy tools

VPNs, VDI, RBI, and company laptops have enabled secure remote work at the expense of workforce productivity and painless IT maintenance.

Technologies replaced by Whist

VPN Replacement

Encrypt and monitor network activity and enable employees to access web apps within the company network without a VPN.

RBI Replacement

Unlike existing remote browser isolation (RBI), Whist does not break sites and feels fully native.

VDI Replacement

Unlike virtual desktop (VDI), Whist's lightweight servers are easy to scale and reduces latency by 3-5x.

Managed Device Replacement

Give your workforce the full isolation of a company laptop without needing to manage physical hardware.

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